Radiology Technician Career Overview

 radiology tech

A radiology technician is a professional who is trained and educated in generating x-ray films or commonly called the radiographs as a diagnostic procedure used for examining a part of the body. They are referred to by the medical team as radiographers, radiology tech or x-ray technician. in this article I will give you an overview of this profession. Their education responsibilities and the equipment they operate as a radiology technician.

Radiology Technician Salary

The median salary for a radiology technician is cited as $48,024. They provide the mid-range as in between $43,962 and $52,531. The lower and top 10 percent are offered as low as $40,295 and above $57,842. Considering that the high and low figures, it is a bit tough to forecast how much higher or lower these pay scale go, yet we can assume they are consistent with labor statistics figures.

A radiology tech can potentially make around $50k a year, and is most likely taking a look at a beginning wage of 35k to 40k. When they have been doing it for a whilst and acquire experience, get a lot more specialized inside a certain region of interest, and improve their skills base, they can reasonably anticipate to make $60k to $70k

There are several aspects that can also be taken into consideration when trying to get a sense with the salary scale for radiology technicians. Like other professions, this really is dependent upon the number of variables and specialties.

More on salary on Bureau of Labour Statistics

Radiology Technician Schools

A radiologist, in order to be called by this name should have a two-year associate degree in a radiology school. They are oriented in this course using common terminologies in the medical field that they will be using in their respective profession. They have a considerable requirement on hospital training for the operation of diagnostics equipment.

The trend worldwide though is having a bachelor’s degree on radiology where they can incur higher salary and more respectable positions in the field.

There is a radiology technician master’s degree in this profession that will lead to greater opportunities in this career. Even other courses in the medical field such as nurses, and medical technologists enroll in this course to expand their learning and make their resume shine.

Jrcert oversees education in the radiologic technology field.

Radiology Technician Duties and Responsibilities

The Radiology Technician prepare patients in diagnostics by explaining the necessary procedures in undergoing a specific radiology method. They ask patients to remove their jewelries, place them in a position where they can be easily radio graphed.

It is one of the responsibilities of a radiology technician to limit the effects of radiation to a patient. They use radiation protection equipment such as lead shields to direct radiation to a patient’s body for the assessment. They measure the appropriate target on the body with correct facet, density and contrast.

A Radiology technician is required to strictly follow the doctor’s order and the standard operating procedures of the facility to ensure protection for patients, their co-workers and most of all themselves on radiation exposure.

A radiology technologist or radiology tech is responsible in keeping the patient’s chart, maintenance of equipment, purchases, and management of the department.

Radiology Technician Equipment

Radiography or the x-ray– radiographs on bones, cavities and internal organs can be seen through an x-ray film.

Sonography or the ultrasound- uses sound waves in high frequencies to see a part of the body in a monitor in a black and white image.

Fluoroscopy- uses live motion radiographs used to visualize the digestive tract or the prosthetics installed in a person’s body for proper placement.

CT scan- images are produced in cross-sections for better assessment of organ malfunction.

MRI or the magnetic resonance imaging- uses a magnetic field which reveals the 3D images in a more precise perspective.

Radiotherapy – a form of treating cancer that draws a target spot in a person’s body where there is cancer cell growth. It shrinks these cells so it will die.

Nuclear Medicine- uses radiation in medicine such as radioactive tracers and radioisotopes.

Mammography- x-ray is used to see the mammary glands for breast masses or certain cancers.

radiology technician is an important member in health care. They do a specific function that is vital in the efficiency of the whole medical team.


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